I was around 13 the first time I realized am slowly dying inside. It was around that time I got exposed to all the exotic filth and intellectual diarrhea the world wide web had to offer. Limewire was the place to go for peak degeneracy content that would kill the soul of strongest of men. It was the wild west prehistoric age of the interent, where two girls one cup was promoted on youtube's homepage and big tech Orwellian censorship was yet unthinkable. The most creative deed one could come-up with was a mediocre geocities page. It was a time where degeneracy was becoming the new norm, yet maintained a faint trace of childish simplicity. But hey, what speaketh I of nostalgia, O bretheren! Now I'm dead. The last shreds of empathy and purpose I had are not even rotting. The future was yesterday and ahead of us there's nothing but void. If I had a purpose I'd crave to be Caligula.

I might update this site soon, but don't hold your breath ps. here is some kewl music.

last updated 5/9/2019